Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Potty training with the Potty Time App... and train underwear

I'm putting my mindset work to the test today...
I'm quitting cold turkey and putting Wyatt in underwear today. He's been inconsistent at best at 5 years old but has shown he can do it. So it's up to me to get over my fear of making a mess and make consistency a priority to encourage him to follow through. How? Train underwear, of course.

You know you've reached a whole new parenting level when you're not bothered by having to drink your coffee in the bathroom because potty training your kiddo just can't wait. 4 boys = 14 years of changing diapers. Enough already. It's worth drinking my coffee in the bathroom! 

Check out this Potty Time app that incorporates ASL signs, songs, story books, rewards stickers, and even a phone call from Rachel (Signing Time). Wyatt loves the Potty Time song and he gets so excited when Rachel calls.

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